Mr. Random Enterprises, Inc.

Mr. Random Enterprises, Inc. is a creative corporation based in Colorado. Included in the business is the former company Random Video Productions. In addition to providing video and audio-visual expertise to private not-for-broadcast clients, we also provide photographic and music industry services.


Mr. Random Enterprises, Inc. provides video production services on a freelance basis. We work with clients in private industry, including the medical, manufacturing, cable television, and the legal professions. Services provided include producing, directing, camera operation, audio recording, electronic editing and graphics, teleprompting, and system design and construction. We do not work with motion picture film.

The original company, Random Video Productions was formed in 1988. There were two television programs which were produced by this company that received broadcast exposure. The first was a video piano recital by Crystal Kerr entitled “Crystal Clear,” which was broadcast in 1988. The second was an independent documentary entitled “Vietnam Perspectives,” in which a number of Vietnam war veterans and their family members were interviewed to discuss the persistent issues of the Vietnam war in the late 1980s. “Vietnam Perspectives” enjoyed limited national exposure on PBS in 1989. Copies of these programs may be obtained thru the contact email on the home page.

Random Video Productions became Mr. Random Enterprises, Inc. in 2005 in response to the growing breadth of the services we provide.


Mr. Random Enterprises, Inc. represents the photographic catalog of Kenneth D. Langford, which includes photographs of natural phenomena. Please see the photography page for some examples.

Musical Endeavors:

Mr. Random Enterprises, Inc. has published two CDs by Lucius Terwilliger. “Try This At Home” was released in June of 2002, and “Folk Paw” was released in November of 2007. We were also involved in the production of “Evening Ripples” by Crystal Kerr, and “14 Songs” by Steve Clark. Watch this space for future musical projects.

Mr. Random Enterprises, Inc. also currently administers the song publishing of Kenneth D. Langford.