Things of Note

Welcome to the Mr. Random music page! Music is such a big part of many lives, and this is true here at Mr. Random Enterprises. Together we have seen hundreds of concerts, listened to thousands of hours of music, played for thousands of hours, and even written a few songs!

On this page we will link you to live tour dates, recommended music and musicians, and to our own Lucius Terwilliger, whose debut CD was released on the Mr. Random Enterprises label on June 12, 2002.

Lucius Terwilliger The everyman of Rock And Roll… or is it Hard Folk?… Lucius Terwilliger is a fan with a plan! He has recorded 17 compositions from other unknown artists, and combined them into a showcase of songwriting and fun. Presented in the spirit of song-swapping, such as you might find around a campfire*, these songs are intended to be shared and passed around, either by this CD, or by song-of-mouth. Click here to find out more!

*Campfire: This page originates in Colorado, where fire danger is often EXTREME . The Hayman Fire alone burned in excess of 100,000 acres, started by a campfire that was intended to incinerate the letter of an estranged husband. There must be a song in there somewhere! But seriously, be cool with fire in Colorado, as the often dry conditions leave things too dry to burn near.

Tour Dates: Ever wonder when and where your favorite band was in 1977? Trying to remember when you saw them? Have a radio recording, and you know where it was made, but not when? This is the page for you! Fans across the world are undertaking tour date research, to piece together itineraries of bands that failed to keep their own records. Other bands did a great job, and the information is readily accessible. This is a list of links to sites where tour date information is available. One day it may be a stand-alone database. Time will tell. Click here to go to the links page. If your favorite band is not linked, and you know where the information can be found on the web, please e-mail the link to us.

Favorite Musician Links: Finally there is a page of links to our favorite musicians. The list will evolve, but we have started with a nice eclectic mix. Click here to see!

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