Lucius Terwilliger

Lucius Terwilliger is the everyband of Rock And Roll… or is it Edgy Folk?… It is with great pleasure and pride that we present the two great CDs by Lucius Terwilliger!

Folk Paw is the most recent release. Most of the material was written and produced between 2002 and 2006, with a few tracks from the archives included for good measure. This CD is more polished than the freshman effort, and we hope you will agree it was worth the wait.

Folk Paw:
Release date: 11/20/06
Catalog #MRE 2
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On June 12, 2002, the Mr. Random Enterprises label released the first Lucius Terwilliger CD. Entitled Try This At Home, the idea was to present songs that were obscure, so that others might hear them, and possibly play them themselves. The 17 recorded compositions are from largely unknown writers, combined into a showcase of songwriting and fun.

Try This At Home:
Release date: 6/12/02
Catalog #MRE 1
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