What is random?

I enjoy pursuing creativity, but I do so in many ways. There is often no practical purpose or goal. My pursuit is restless and fanciful, and seems to defy pattern. I like the idea of happy accidents. I like epiphanies from chance associations. Some might suggest I have a distracting conversational style; I often will use conceptual contrasts, either to imply meanings or simply to free associate for the fun and humor of it.

For me, the definition “lacking aim, method, and without careful choice or plan” is key to the idea of random. There is no big picture here… no master plan. My life, and hopefully this web site, is more of a process. I love to improvise and play, and I love the freedom of improvisation. The term ‘random’ is a very free term. It is non-specific and vague. By itself it doesn’t tell you much. I like that. Marshall McLuhan used to call his ideas ‘probes,’ by which he hoped to get you thinking. That is the spirit of random.

Mr. Random Enterprises, Inc. is not limited to what you find here today. Under this flag I can go anywhere and do anything creatively. It will still fit. My only guiding principle is to try to put out good energy into the world.

So I encourage you to explore this site and to enjoy some of the things I enjoy. The important thing in life is to be engaged and enthusiastic. There are plenty of negatives in the world, but I believe that LIFE IS BETTER THAN IT SEEMS!

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