Other Random Links

Surround Sound:
In mono sound, all sound comes from one speaker or source. In stereo sound the sound comes from two speakers. An engineer creates a stereo "image" which can place sounds in or between each of the two speakers. In surround sound, there are four or more speakers, two of which are behind the listener. This allows for the placement of sounds anywhere between the speakers - front to back, or side to side. Some people may say "we only have two ears," but the next time you hear any sound coming from behind you, you will realize that our brains are wired to hear the would all around us, and that we can tell where sounds come from, even behind us. Surround sound offers a more expanded field of listening.

M.C. Escher:
One of our favorite artists, Escher images usually depict a form of physical impossibility that makes them fascinating to study.

Used Books:
Looking for a rare or even a common book? This site helps you look all over the world at used book stores and make your selections. Type in a keyword of interest and see what comes up! Book junkies be careful!

Best Commercial Photographer:
Dallas based commercial/studio photographer. Paul is an incredible talent!

Reverse Phone Search:
Got a phone number but you donít remember who it belongs to? This site tells you (unless it is a cell phone or unlisted!).

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