Frequently Asked Questions of Lucius Terwilliger

Q: Who the hell is Lucius Terwilliger?

A: Lucius Terwilliger is not a who, but a what. He is the Jethro in Jethro Tull, the Pink in Pink Floyd. Lucius Terwilliger is a band name, and a loose band at that. Organized by Ken Langford, the artist formerly known as Hey You!, Im actually a music enthusiast and fan who has played guitar for 24 years. Over the years I have met a number of songwriters whose songs I have adopted to play for my own enjoyment, and occasionally the enjoyment of others. I also write my own songs.

Since I had always wanted to make a contribution to music, and have my musical vision heard, I put together the first Lucius Terwilliger CD. That experience increased my interest in songwriting, and after four years of concentrated effort, I felt I had enough material to put out another.

My day job is working as a video freelancer.

Q: Do you play out?

A: I have done so occasionally in the past. I have had tendonitis in my right arm, so I dont play a lot, nor do I practice enough. My voice is also prone to strain, so the likelihood of a Lucius Terwilliger tour seems slim. There has only been one performance that approximated a "Lucius Terwilliger" concert. It was big fun!

Q: What is your instrument?

A: I play a Guild D-35 acoustic guitar, and a Martin 00016c acoustic guitar. I usually use medium weight John Pearse Phosphor Bronze or Martin Marquis Acoustic Bronze strings.

Q: Do you plan to make more recordings?

A: I have no specific plan for anything, actually. I loved doing both projects, and would consider more as the material becomes available.

To ask me a question please email me. Please be patient. We all get behind in email!

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