From The Lucius Terwilliger CD "Folk Paw"
Track 11

Protest Song

Composer:Steve Clark
Additional Lyrics (3rd Verse):Ken Langford
Guitar & Vocal:Ken Langford
Track Started & Completed: 3/29/06 - 9/6/06
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We don’t get up in the mornin’ boys
We get up while it’s dark
Shiverin’ in the pre-dawn light
We’re listenin’ for a bark
Well a slip on a slippery deck
And a man could break his neck
With frozen toes and a runny nose
And the ship’s a floatin’ wreck

So swing your club, don’t you mind the noise
Don’t listen to them squeals
Don’t worry what they call us boys
‘Cause they don’t know how it feels
When you’re out there clubbin’ seals!

Well Duffer swung at a chargin’ cub
But he hit his own left knee
And when he picked that seal cub up
You know the thing began to pee
So he threw it down, and he spun around
But he slipped and he hit his head
That cub’s still out there somewhere boys
But Duffer he was dead!


Well I’ve worked the seas on my hands and knees
And I’ll do so ‘till I drown
But all them conservation folks
They love to put me down
But you cannot save every passing wave
And eventually we all die
But a wise man wrote that a nice fur coat
Beats a sharp poke in the eye.


Copyright 2002 Steve Clark

No seals were harmed in the writing or recording of this song! Think "irony."

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