From The Lucius Terwilliger CD "Folk Paw"
Track 10

Another Bush

Lyrics:Ken Langford
Guitar & Vocal:Ken Langford
Bass:Steve Hartman
Rap Rhythm Track:Park Peters
Crowd:Planet Bluegrass Song School Open Stage 8/14/06
Track Started & Completed: 12/2/04 - 10/4/06
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It’s a new day in America
But the dawn breaks with a crack
It’s the echo of injustice
And it’s coming from Iraq
In our names they’re dropping cluster bombs
They go over with a “whoosh”
I think it’s time for God
To burn another Bush!

If our civil rights mean anything
We should speak out while we can
Cause I don’t believe, the first amendment
Fits the master plan
If we question those in power
They detain us with a push
I think it’s time for God
To burn another Bush!

My name is Bush
My house is White
My God is Jesus
And my cause is right
Gonna spread my message
All around the earth
It may cost you your life
But I think it’s worth it

For security
Of Americans
I will kick your ass
I will kill your kin
And if you don’t like it
And you think I should quit
Here’s my two-word answer:
Tough luck!

I said “Hey George”
“Hey George”

Are you talkin’ to God?
Is God talkin’ to you?
How can you tell if what’s said is true?
Well listen up, God-boy
Here’s a clue
When the message is kill
It ain’t Him, it’s you!

Oh when God came to Moses
He made 10 lines on some stone
But instead of praising God today
We praise testosterone
Well it may be justice to someone
But I never can agree
When Matthew 5, verse 44 says
“Love your enemies”

There’s an army of self-righteous
You can tell them by their taunts
And all these people still believe
They’re doing what God wants
Yeah but no man is an arbiter
Of Godly punishment
They should give up all the violence
For Ramadan and Lent

Well the Son is sinking in the west
With the Father and the Holy Ghost
And as They slip away from us
It’s peace I’ll miss the most
I believe we get what we deserve…
It’s karma, and all that mush
I just pray to God, we never get
Another frickin’ Bush

Copyright 2006 Kenneth D. Langford

A quick note to the men and women of our armed forces. You may take this song to be critical of our military, but that is not my intent. I salute any man or woman who is serving or has served our country honorably. A strong military is important to our nation, and I honor your service. That said, I did disagree with the policies of the Bush administration, and the way they chose to deploy our military. I feel that as a citizen of a representative government, it is my duty to voice my opinion, or I cannot expect my elected representatives to know my desires for their representation. If you are military and you are reading this, I hope you and yours all return home safely, and soon. If you have lost family or friends, I am sorry, and the sooner that stops, the better.

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