From The Lucius Terwilliger CD "Folk Paw"
Track 9

How Many Hearts A Day

Composer:Ken Langford (BMI)
Guitar & Vocal:Ken Langford
Lead Guitar:Bob Taylor
Bass:Steve Hartman
Drums:Brian Mikulich
Harmony Vocals:Cari Golden
Track Started & Completed: 10/24/02 - 9/16/06
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Drivin’ thru the mountains of southern California
I came upon a mountain lodge
Tryin’ to find a view all the way to Catalina
I pulled off in my rented Dodge
As I walked in the lunch was a-steamin’ on the table
But the water came instead to my eyes
The waitress came to me, like stepping from a fable
And this is all that crossed my mind… I thought:

How many hearts a day do you break?
How many sleeping desires do you awake?
How many dreams to come true, could you make?
How many hearts a day?

Now friends, let me tell ya, I’m not a single man
So it wasn’t that I wanted to stay
No matter how good another woman looks
My answer is a firm “NO WAY”
An intelligent man
Knows a good thing when he’s got it
So I’m stickin’ with the love I’ve found
But it don’t mean I can’t tell, an invitation to hell
Or maybe heaven… if she’d ever stick around.

I thought, damn:


So I went back to my car, and started in to scribblin’
And in minutes I had made a song
Then I grabbed my camera phone
And took myself a picture
‘Cause my memory can do me wrong
And as I struggled and churned, to figure out a lesson
From my visit to that mountain town
I thought ‘never forget the love that you get’
And I’ll never let my woman down

And you know what?
I just guarantee there’ve been guys
Who’ve looked at my honey and thought:

How many hearts a day?

Copyright 2006 Kenneth D. Langford

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