From The Lucius Terwilliger CD "Folk Paw"
Track 7

Not Here Now

Composer:Ken Langford (BMI)
Guitar & Vocal:Ken Langford
Piano:Rob Farrish
Violin:Crystal Kerr
Track Started & Completed: 3/27/06 - 10/4/06
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Wilted primrose petals
Clock stopped at 3:18
Outside, the earth is brown
Where once it had been green

Sifting through emotions
As I’m sorting out their trust
And all my parents left behind
Were notions, and me and dust

They say “now is all that matters”
Does all that matter now?
I see you’re gone
But I cannot see how

Grandpa read the paper
Over Cream of Wheat each day
At 91, he was alone
After Grandma passed away
He never didn’t grieve her
He’d tear to hear you say
The name he’d been betrothed to
And loved every single day

He said “the thing they never tell you
About a long extended life
Is that you lose most every connection
Your heroes, your friends, your wife”
They peel away most every day
Like drifts before a plow
He wonders how it is
That she is not here now

It seems we all have someone
We miss so very much
They may have passed, or been estranged
But we yearn for their touch
You see absence… is a mystery
That the heart will not allow
So we ask “how is it
That you are not here now”

I want an answer God!
My question bears no shame
Is suffering the map to faith,
Is the road to heaven pain?
In the glory of your greatness, God
The method rests with thou
But in the hollow of my heart, I need you now

The day you came into our lives
Was joy beyond compare
We held you, loved you, kept you warm
You answered every prayer
But sometimes fate holds destiny
That no one understands
We thought we’d keep you forever
But God had other plans

The agony of your demise
The cooling of your brow
How could it be
That you are not here now?

The answer to my query
I may already know
The cycle of renewal
Leaves room for youth to grow
The sorrow of my dying
Will be the pain I leave behind
If not for those who love me
I swear I wouldn’t mind

I’ll take nothing for granted
Till I’m free from every vow
Upon the day
That I am not here now

Copyright 2006 Kenneth D. Langford

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