From The Lucius Terwilliger CD "Folk Paw"
Track 5

Fish Blues

Composer:Ken Langford (BMI)
Guitar & Vocal:Ken Langford
Lead Harmonica:Paul Davies
Bass & Bubble Vocals:Steve Hartman
Drums:Steve Solko
Backing Vocals:“The Cod Pieces”:
Jon Bovee
Pat Webster
Shanna Wells
Track Started & Completed: 4/4/06 - 10/4/06
Listen to a clip now!

I was up fishin’ just the other day
When a thought popped in my head
And it would not go away
And it was this… now just think about this
Man it really must be weird… to be a fish

Well I thought about perch, and I thought about cod
I thought about salmon and I put down my rod
Aw spit… If I were given one wish
I’d say dear Lord please, never make me be no fish!

It’s bad to be a fish… it is bad to be a fish
Can I convince you of this? It is bad to be a fish
I want just one wish, never make me be no fish!

Well you’re swimmin’ down stream
From who knows who
But you still gots to breathe, so what you gonna do
Well it’s the pits… some old hunter had to piss
Hey, that’s life in the big stream… if you’re a fish

Now it’s wet livin’ life in a big lagoon
If it weren’t for the scales, you would surely be a prune
But you can’t quit
You flip your tail with a swish
So if I come back please don’t ever make me be no fish

So they catch you on a hook, and they put you in a jar
On a one way trip to a sushi bar to get bit
Who wants to end up on a dish?
I askin’ please lord please never make me be
In another life Lord, I don’t ever wanna be
I’m pleadin’ please Lord please
Never make me be no fish!

Copyright 2006 Kenneth D. Langford

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