From The Lucius Terwilliger CD "Folk Paw"
Track 2

Cosmic 2 x 4

Composer:Ken Langford (BMI)
Guitar & Vocal:Ken Langford
Lead Harmonica:Paul Davies
Bass Harmonica:Ken Langford
Track Started & Completed: 3/29/06 - 9/5/06
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One night I went to dinner
With my swimming coach and friends
When nothing is expected
That is when the boom descends
So by the time that meal was done
My life had been transformed
My fancy had been tickled
And my cockles had been warmed

Like good clues in a mystery
Her words filled in my gaps
I’d hoped that this intensity
Would end up in our laps
But like a swim, I’s back and forth
Conviction came in waves
My sanity was bobbing
Like a drunk a lifeguard saves

Why oh why, must we suffer just to grow?
Do we need to learn what we do not already know?
Will that “Cosmic 2 x 4” inflict another blow?
Do we need to learn what we do not already know?

I felt my head was swimming
Brain was soggy like a sponge
I wondered, how deep I should go
Just dip or take the plunge?
How was it my swimming coach
Was teaching me to fly
My thoughts were racing just like
I was on a runner’s high

But the problem is she’s older
Even more than twice my years
I worried I could fill a pool
With sad ironic tears
The woman I’d been looking for
Could finally be had, if I
Didn’t mind that she’d been born
Before my Mom and Dad


Now the one thing racing’s taught me is
There’s pleasure after pain, but I’ve got
Pain after my pleasure
Like a headache from champagne
Perhaps when I get older
I will not see age as sin
But if I can make a friend for life
I guess that I still win

Now I see your faces sinking
Like I’m guilty of a crime, you thought
We’d probably be going down
At least for the third time
Well it’s easier to second guess
Some thing you’ve not been through
So if I have suffered for this song
Well now you’ve suffered too


Copyright 2006 Kenneth D. Langford

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