From The Lucius Terwilliger CD "Folk Paw"
Track 04


Composer:Ken Langford (BMI)
Guitar & Vocal:Ken Langford
Lead Guitar:Alan Stecher
Piano:Crystal Kerr
Bass:Steve Hartman
Drums:Steve Solko
Track Started & Completed: 12/18/05 - 9/13/06
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Her loveliness… would draw a stare
From boys around her anywhere
She chose her childhood sweetheart
For his gentle loving care
He worshipped and adored her
Fulfilled her every whim
But he was not her true love
It just clearly wasn’t him

So the wedding wrapped around her
Like a gold and diamond chain
Her swirling mixed emotions
Felt like water in a drain
She’d chosen not to break his heart
But it left her incomplete
She looked ravishing and ravaged
In a dress white as a sheet

Do you really live the life
You truly want to lead?
Are things that you’d been hoping for
Things you still feel you need?
Is there something between you and the life
You envisioned for yourself?
Did you settle for unsettled
And put your dreams up on a shelf?

When baby came it changed the game
Now it was not just her
He was not that bad, a loving Dad
Reliable, mature
She’d shown him how she cared for him,
The proof was baby Heather
But that didn’t bring them closer
It just related them forever

Now she wonders if there’s greener grass
Though it seems plain to me
That it’s not the lawn, it’s the garden
Where the flowers tend to be
And a garden needs grooming
Just like any groom
Each one has potential
And if tended they may bloom

Chorus > Soloing

Her loveliness… would draw a stare
From boys around her anywhere

Copyright 2006 Kenneth D. Langford

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